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5 Tips for Traveling with a Baby

5 Tips for Traveling with a Baby

It may seem daunting to travel with a baby, especially on a long car ride. There are a lot of factors at play between the baby’s schedule, diaper changing, supplies you need, and crying. Not to mention the added stress of making sure you have absolutely everything you need. Traveling with your baby should not be a stressful thought before getting on the road. There are a lot of things you can do to prepare and ease the anxiety. Here are 7 tips for traveling with a baby.

#1. Be Flexible

Make sure you have options while traveling and allow your time to be flexible. If something unexpected comes up that requires you to need to stay overnight somewhere, make that an option. Furthermore, if you have to stop somewhere for a break just for a couple of hours, allow that extra time as well.

#2. Pack Snacks

The stops you need to take for your baby may not coincide with the food breaks you want to take. If your baby does not need anything, do not stop for food. You want to take advantage of a baby that is sleeping or content and use that time to get your driving in. Pack lots of food and snacks to keep you going through your drive.

#3. Be Cautious with Driving Through the Night

If you assume your baby will sleep the whole time, it may be tempting to drive through the night. The best-case scenario is one parent will drive while the other parent sleeps along with the baby. However, this will not always work out to plan. If the opposite were to happen, you may be stuck staying up all night with a screaming baby while in a car. Also, it is easier to find open places during the day in case of an emergency arising.

#4. Be Prepared

Make sure the diaper bag is stocked well and is completely organized. This will make diaper changing a breeze. Have a spot in the car that is designated for the changing pad. Here are some baby bag must-haves as well. Make sure your phone is fully charged and able to be charged in your car in case of emergencies or you get stranded somewhere. You also want to make sure you pack a few changes of clothes, formula, a bag of toys, and baby blankets to keep your baby comfortable. A variety of great baby blankets can be found in our shop.

#5. Make the Best Use of Your Time

There is no reason for the whole family to go into whatever place you make your stops at. Have one parent go in while the other parent is with the baby allowing them to get some air. This is also a great time to attend to your baby’s needs while one parent is in the store, restaurant, or gas station.


Traveling with a baby may seem like a stressful situation and most parents try to avoid it completely. However, as long as you are completely prepared, traveling with your baby can be easier than you think.


  • I think that the hardest part of travelling with a baby is when you are breast feeding. I once got told to stop on a busy train and of course I couldn’t because my baby was hungry. I think your cotton swaddle blankets would be really good for this because they allow baby’s skin to breathe and you can kind of hide them under it when feeding on trains etc. Not that you should have to hide them but look what happened to me… I love your blankets by the way!

  • I love traveling with children because I think it is an amazing way to make memories with your baby. However, I am such a forgetful person that I miss half of the things on the list hahaha. Especially snacks, I always seem to forget them and then have to stop at the first gas station to get some, which then turns into an adventure itself haha. But this list is a great reminder of what is really important to take with you when traveling with a baby. Thanks for sharing!

    Maria V

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