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Baby Bag Must-Haves

Being prepared is so important. Have you ever found yourself out in public looking for something you don’t have, but absolutely need and swore you packed? Perhaps your outing lasted longer than you expected, and your sweet little angel is becoming stir-crazy. Or maybe you just want to be ready with a checklist, as your due date is approaching. Well parents, take notes. We are about to let you in on a little secret… the must-have items for a foolproof baby bag. Perfect for every (sticky) situation you might find yourself in. Planning ahead can reduce your stress when you’re away from home, so pack smart! 

  1. Diapers, a Portable Changing Pad and Ointment

You never know when your baby might need to be changed, or where you’ll end up changing them. You need to be able to act as soon as possible! We would recommend at least 3 diapers in your bag at all times. If it’s a longer trip, remember the rule: 1 diaper every 2-3 hours (and then add a few!). A Portable Changing Pad, this one is key! You can’t guarantee the spot you end up changing your baby will be clean… or if there will be a spot at all. Bringing your own pad will ensure a safe and sanitary space for them to lie on while you clean them up. Oh, and don’t forget the Ointment.

  1. Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

Wet Wipes are an absolute must in any scenario. They come in handy when wiping your little one’s hands from touching something dirty or sticky and are a true life saviour when changing a dirty diaper. Hand Sanitizer is important in making sure your hands are germ-free before reaching for your kiddo.

  1. Food & Beverages

 Babies get hungry! Even though we may not feel hunger, our babies definitely do and they must eat on time. Be sure to pack their food with you, and if possible, prepare it beforehand for easy access. Depending on their age, pack a sippy cup (and a bottle for you) with water, keep yourself and your baby hydrated. Having a small snack on hand is a great way to keep them healthy and happy, without ruining their appetite.

  1. A Change of Clothes

Sometimes we spill, the baby spills or their diaper leaks. It happens! Packing extra clothing is important in keeping your tiny-tot (and you) comfortable at all times.

  1. Weather Care

Whether it’s winter or summer, you must protect your baby from all weather conditions. Remember a hat specifically designed for your climate. Sunscreen is also important in guarding your little angel from the sun’s harmful rays, so don’t forget to throw a tube into your bag!

  1. A Blanket

No matter if you live in a hot humid climate like Texas… or in brisk cold Alaska, a baby blanket is a necessity. Our Minky Blankets are perfect for moments like this, handmade and designed specifically for babies, kids and adults. Whether it’s the air conditioners crisp air, or the temperature outside dropping, a blanket will keep your little one comfy and warm.

  1. Pacifiers, Teethers and Toys!

These are great for when your baby is fussing. They can keep them occupied! Remember to store your pacifiers (if you use them) in a pacifier holder, or a clean plastic bag. A Pacifier strap is also an amazing way to reduce the amount of cleaning it needs… trust us! They end up on the floor a lot! Teethers and (safe) Toys will keep an outgoing baby entertained and occupied when you can’t give them your full attention.

  1. Personal Items

This one is obvious, but a friendly reminder. We may focus our entire time on our baby’s essentials and forget our own! Keys, Wallet, Emergency Contact Information and other personal items can also be kept in the diaper bag as well, this will create less hassle! You don’t want to carry around too much.

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