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4 Great Gift Ideas for a Summer Baby Shower

4 Great Gift Ideas for a Summer Baby Shower

Having a baby in the summer comes with some distinct advantages. For instance, parents of summer babies don’t have to be as worried about flu season affecting their newborn and can enjoy some wonderful moments walking with their new baby in the sunshine. On the other hand, summer babies are at a higher risk of overheating and getting too much sun exposure.

If you are invited to a baby shower to honor the mom of a summer baby, here are 4 appropriate and unique gift ideas to consider:

1. Personalized Water Bottle

It’s extremely important for a new mom to stay hydrated, especially if she is breastfeeding. To make all that sipping more appealing, consider gifting her a cute, perhaps customized water bottle that she’ll want to show off and will always remember to throw in the diaper bag.


2. Picnic Blanket

One of the most fun activities for parents to do with their newborns in the summer is to have family picnics. Babies love looking at the trees, flowers, and passing strangers, and the parents often enjoy the opportunity to get out of the house in a way that’s easy to accommodate spontaneous spit-up or diaper changes. A sturdy, comfortable picnic blanket is a great gift to encourage the whole family to get outside.


3. Wide-Brimmed Hat (for Baby and/or Mama!)

As mentioned above, sun exposure is a real concern for newborns, as it is for all adults. A high-quality, wide-brimmed sun hat that protects both the face and the neck is a thoughtful gift that either the new baby or the new mom would appreciate.


4. Bamboo Swaddle

There are many reasons why a Bamboo swaddle is a great gift for a new mom. One of the primary reasons is that Bamboo fabric is particularly good at keeping a baby cool in the warmer months of the year. The unique material wicks sweat up and away from the baby’s body, regulating his or her temperature while still providing a snug fit. A premium Bamboo swaddle is a gift that any new mom will use daily.

When looking for the perfect baby shower gift, it’s important to consider how thew new mom will spend her time with the baby and to purchase a gift that will make that time easier, safer, or more enjoyable in some way. For a summer baby, you can’t go wrong with a gift that aids in hydration, encourages some time outdoors, offers sun protection or keeps baby cool.



  • My advice would be to pick up on her little “hints”. My neighbour loved the changing table we had for our Luna and I knew she didn’t pick one yet so I bought her the exact one. Ended up going for a light gray one instead of the orange one we had since it matched the nursery way better.

  • I can say from personal experience that you never have enough blankets. I only bought around five or six for my first pregnancy and I thought that was too much. Well, Cara proved me wrong haha. With all the spills, milk leakage and other accidents I had to restock pretty soon. I’m always betting on gender neutral blankets since not everyone is into the whole pink & blue bonanza.

    Alexis Martins

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