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Bamboo Swaddles are a Perfect Gift for New Moms - Here's Why

Bamboo Swaddles are a Perfect Gift for New Moms - Here's Why

Baby registries are often filled with new mom necessities like changing table pads, burp cloths, and bottle drying racks. While those are all wonderful gifts, if you’re looking for something more unique that the mom-to-be may not have thought to ask for but will definitely use multiple times each day and for years to come, consider a premium Bamboo swaddle.

Why Pick A Bamboo Swaddle?

Most swaddle blankets on the market today are made from cotton or other similar materials. However, Bamboo swaddles are superior in four key ways:

1. Safety First

Bamboo is known for its natural ability to regulate temperature. That is, it will keep the baby warm if he or she is cold, but will also keep the baby cool if he or she is warm. This may sound like magic, but it’s actually an inherent feature in the Bamboo’s long, soft, breathable fibers. You can find a deeper dive into the science behind Bamboo’s temperature regulation HERE.  


2. Durability

Bamboo stands up incredibly well to the day-to-day wear and tear of newborn life. It doesn’t hold on to odors, it gets softer with each wash, it won’t be pulled out of shape, and the natural strength of the fabric’s fibers keep it from wearing down, pilling, or thinning out.


3. Versatility

With all of the previously mentioned benefits of Bamboo, it’s not surprising that your Bamboo swaddle gift is going to last long after the baby’s swaddling days. A high-quality Bamboo swaddle can be used as a beach or towel blanket for the baby, a car seat or stroller cover for naps on-the-go, or even a favorite blanket for bedtime.


4. Beauty

Bamboo takes very well to dyes and holds on to the color beautifully even after washing. Get a sense of the new mom’s color scheme preferences by reviewing her registries and pick a swaddle that goes well with that aesthetic, whether it’s neutrals or bright pops of color.


Where to Find the Best Bamboo Swaddle Blankets?

Even when it comes to Bamboo, not all swaddles are created equally. Baby Want Design’s Bamboo Swaddlesare the ultimate gift for a new mom. Made with the highest-quality, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CertifiedBamboo and available in nine gorgeous colors, this is anultrasoft, premium Bamboo swaddle that any new mom would be proud to wrap her baby in.

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