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Why Minky is the Absolute Best Material for Blankets

Why Minky is the Absolute Best Material for Blankets

When looking to purchase a blanket, whether it’s for a new baby, a school-aged child, or something the whole family will use on movie night, there are two main qualities you probably look for; comfort and warmth.

You want a blanket that you and your family can just sink into, cuddle up with, and enjoy over and over again. If you’re looking for the perfect blanket that not only has these qualities but also stands up to the test (and mess!)of time, you need a Minky blanket! Here’s why:

First, what is Minky?

Minky is an ultrasoft, plush fabric made from the highest quality of polyester. The synthetic fibers are similar to fleece but much softer, even silkier, to the touch and more comfortable against sensitive skin.

Though the name can be misleading, Minky fabric is not in any way made from the Mink animal and is a 100% vegan material.

Why Choose a Minky Blanket?

Minky has numerous benefits over other materials commonly used for blankets, including:

1. Superior Softness

As mentioned above, the top reason why people choose to buy Minky blankets is the incredible, almost unbelievable feel of the fabric. Some people describe it as “cloud-like,” while others compare it to silk. Whatever it reminds you of, once you feel it, you won’t want to let go.


2. Easy Maintenance and Durability

Unlike silk, Minky is a premium fabric that is actually easy to wash and care for. Minky blankets can be washed and dried at home in your regular laundry machines, as long as you use the coolest, most gentle cycles.


You don’t have to worry about washing the blanket after baby spits up or you spill some ice cream; the Minky fabric holds on to its soft feel and unparalleled warmth wash after wash.


3. Unmatched Warmth

Speaking of warmth, Minky blankets are the ultimate for cozy naps and snuggly nights in. Minky fabric is inherently plush, and the thick material forms a reliable barrier against any cool air.


4. Long-Lasting Beauty

In addition to the durability of the fabric itself, Minkyreadily absorbs and retains dyes, making it a beautiful choice visually that won’t fade over time. Whatever your style, there’s a Minky blanket to match.


5. Cost Effectiveness

Minky is not a cheap fabric. The top-quality fibers are expensive to make and creating a blanket out of the finishes materials has its own challenges. However, an investment in a Minky blanket is much cheaper than other premium materials like silk, and the easy maintanence makes the purchase even more cost effective.


In comparison to cotton or other cheaper blanket options, Minky’s superior durability will ensure that the blanket will last a lifetime, saving the cost of purchasing something new every few months or years.  


When choosing a Minky blanket, it’s important to look for the highest quality construction and only the most premium materials. At Baby Want Designs, all baby, toddler, and adult Minky blankets are hand-made with the finest attention to detail to create the perfect blanket for any member of your family.


Once you receive your first Minky, you’ll know for sure why the special fabric is the absolute best material for blankets!


  • After each drying cycle it comes out brand new, I’m very impressed! We got ours as a baby shower gift and I didn’t think much of it at the time and only used it because all the others were in the washing machine.

    Sophie Lee
  • When I started online shopping for our twins somewhere around mid-February I heard about Minky for the first time and I thought it was just a fancy word for fleece #iknowiknow This is the perfect fabric, especially if you have a winter baby. It’s so soft and cushiony, just what a baby’s skin needs.


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