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Why Minky Blankets Make the Best Gifts

Everyone loves soft, cozy minky blankets. You know what’s even better than owning one? Receiving one as a gift! As you will soon come to see, minkies make awesome gifts for several reasons. Hopefully, by the end of this text, you will be running to buy a cute minky blanket for that special someone ❤️

Minky blankets are made from minky fabric, which is a modern fabric that is very soft and lightweight with a slight stretch. It gets most of its properties from its knitted construction. Minkies are very comfy, which perhaps explains why they are so popular especially as infant blankets.

Here are a few reasons why minky blankets make the best gifts:  

1. They are easy to wash

The fabric washes very well and will maintain its softness even after many washes. Minky fabric is durable and can withstand being washed several times in a washing machine over many years.

Minky blankets should be machine-washed on cold and tumble dried on low heat. You should, however, avoid using fabric softener. Whenever possible, always wash your minky blanket alone to get the best results!

2. They are available in all sizes

Minky blankets are available in all sizes. They can be found in baby, toddler, youth, adult and everything in between. Although they are popular blankets for babies and young children, they can also make amazing gifts for adults.

For adults, large minky blankets are perfect because their soft and fluffy material will be everything that’s needed to unwind and relax. This makes them the perfect gift to snuggle in after a long hard day with a cup of coffee and an interesting book.  

3. They can be used with a newborn

Minky blankets are very thoughtful gifts especially for mothers with newborn babies. Small, lightweight minkies that are very soft and comfortable on a newborn baby’s skin will definitely be appreciated by any new mom.

The texture of the little raised dots on the blankets is just right for the baby’s sensory playing. Their small size also makes them easy to fit into a stroller or roll into a diaper bag. They can also be used as improvised changing stations or as a cover during breastfeeding, among other applications.

This is why minkies are very convenient accessories for moms with newborns and would be a very special gift.

4. They are available in different designs

Minky blankets are available in different colors and patterns that you can choose from. They can be made in many different designs depending on your specific needs. You can also get pre-designed Minky blankets with amazing designs and prints already made.

Getting one custom made opens you up to a whole world of options. You’ll get to choose your front, back, along with the size you need, and even the specific ruffle that should be used. 

5. They are durable

Minky blankets are very durable. If handled properly, they can withstand rigorous washing and still retain their soft and fluffy texture. Since they are so durable, they can be used by both young and older kids, and can even become special hand-me-down blankies that all your kids end up using at some point.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of gifting minky blankets to someone lies in the fact that they are very thoughtful high quality gifts that will immediately show someone you care. Plus, their durability will ensure that they remain comfortable for a long time, making them perfect timeless gifts. This is why everyone loves minkies!

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