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What to Look for When Choosing a Swaddle Blanket

The number of baby products to choose from is often incredibly overwhelming. It can feel like around every corner there’s another brand trying to sell you a onesie, a pacifier, or a toy. It’s not that you don’t need these things, but how do you choose which products are best for you and your baby?

When it comes to swaddle blankets, which will be wrapped tightly around your baby often for hours each day, the key to choosing the right one is ultrahigh-quality fabric.

Here are 3 things to look for when picking out a swaddle blanket:

#1. Soft and Breathable

Your baby has soft, sensitive skin, and you want to make sure that any material coming in contact with that skin is not going to create any issues. A swaddle blanket should be high-quality and soft enough that you would swaddle the baby wearing only his or her diaper.

The most ideal fabric for a swaddle blanket is bamboo, not only for its soft feel but also for its incredible breathability. You want to feel secure wrapping your baby in a swaddle that will provide comfort and warmth but won’t allow him or her to overheat.

#2. Neutral and Calming

The color of your swaddle blanket matters, and not just for Instagram pictures. You want to find soft, neutral colors that evoke a sense of calm rather than bright shades and big, energizing patterns.

Look for dusty pinks, light browns, and pale greens that won’t be too distracting for baby when it comes time to go to sleep.

#3. Durable and Versatile

Swaddling is a big part of the first few months of a newborn’s life. Since the feeling of being swaddled reminds new babies of the comfort of the womb, parents often find themselves swaddling babies for sleep, for naps, and any time the baby is fussy or needs some extra comfort. You want a swaddle that can handle this wear and tear and that will stand up to many cycles in the laundry machine.

You also want a swaddle blanket that can fit whatever unforeseen needs may arise, like making shade on a stroller or a car seat. A durable, versatile swaddle blanket will quickly become one of your favorite “can’t-leave-home-without-it” items.

It can be tempting to buy hundreds of different items to prepare for baby’s arrival, but oftentimes it’s best to focus on quality rather than quantity. One or two great swaddle blankets, such as Baby WANT Designs Soothing Sleep Bamboo Baby Swaddle Wraps, will make your life much easier than a dozen low-quality swaddle blankets that fall apart after the third wash or feel itchy to the touch.

Focusing on quality over quantity in all aspects of baby care will help you stay organized and can reduce the amount of daily laundry, giving you some extra time to snuggle up with that sweet swaddled baby!


  • I have always been a fan of pastels when it came to blankets and infant clothing. I think it is a great idea to stick with these shades because they are more calming like you mentioned. My favorites are pastel green and pastel yellow. They work great for either gender and I find both colors are calming for newborns.

    Jen R.
  • OK, so it probably sounds funny but I didn’t realize that bamboo could be a clothing material. But wow, you have me sold – sounds like a perfect, natural fiber for blankets. 100% agree on versatility and durability – babies are hard on things!

  • I was really struggling to settle my baby until I discovered your swaddle blankets. My daughter loves being fed all wrapped up as it gives her the feeling of being in the womb. She falls asleep straight afterwards and I don’t worry about her overheating due to the blanket being made from bamboo cotton. Awesome products you have I love them!

    Gaynor James
  • I’ve been looking to buy swaddles as I totally need one and have never considered the colors. I do love colorful stuff because I love a colorful world but that being distracting for a baby makes total sense. Thanks for pointing that out!

    Marija V.

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