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What to Expect During Your Hospital Stay

What to expect during your hospital stay

Newly pregnant or is your due date approaching? At either stage, you may be thinking about your hospital stay. Are questions bouncing in your head during sleepless nights?

It is common to have questions and feel overwhelmed. Not knowing what to expect during the unexpected can be a challenging place. Let’s discuss what you can expect.

Staff The fabulous staff will be a constant during your stay at the hospital. You will find comfort knowing you and your baby are being monitored and cared for. Sometimes, you may find it excessive, but they are doing their best to ensure everyone is safe. They will assist you in tough times in labor, cheer you on, and celebrate the birth of your precious baby.

Unfamiliar sounds If you are a light sleeper or are easily triggered by sounds, you may pick up on the sounds the machines are making, staff working outside your door, other patients, and depending on where your hospital is - possibly traffic. You may want to bring some earplugs or play music on your phone.

Comfort Everyone tends to be used to their beds, making it hard to sleep at other places. However, most hospital beds are adjustable – giving you the ability to make it perfect for your stay. Bringing a nursing pillow from home can keep you comfortable while you feed your baby, breast or bottle. A minky blanket is a perfect way to wrap your baby in softness as you spend your time bonding, snuggling, and resting.  

Essentials Your hospital will provide essentials for you and your baby during your labor, delivery, and postpartum stages. Everything from medicine, diapers, wipes, pads, drinks, and food. You should still bring comforts from home to make your time as comfortable as possible.

Food Most hospitals have stepped up their cafeteria game. It resembles a restaurant, giving you options to choose from. The taste and quality are much better than expected, and you can order a la carte too! After not eating during labor, you’ll be happy to know that your meal isn’t far away!

Birthing rooms Typically hospitals have created new, cozy rooms to give birth in. Before, you were wheeled to a separate delivery room – not anymore. For most places, you now labor, birth, and recover all in the same room. They are decorated warm and relaxed providing you with a peaceful space. Some will offer music, light dimming, or aromatherapy. You will be offered birth balls, peanut balls, and possibly labor in a bathtub.

Expect the unexpected I know, I know. You want it to go as planned, just like what you have in your birth plan. It would be wonderful if birth could go exactly how you imagined. That isn’t always the case – unfortunately. Telling yourself that it's okay when you’re unable to follow your birth plan. Thinking of it as my first option, but not only, may be helpful in mentally preparing. You may find yourself going in for a c-section when you planned for vaginal. Or maybe you changed your mind on pain management methods. However it goes, know that you’re in excellent hands. Just attempt to keep an open mind.

Enjoy your journey during your hospital stay as you welcome your newest family member. These memories will be forever cherished. You'll be safe, you can expect great care from the staff, and a cozy environment to have your baby in.

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  • “What to Expect During Your Hospital Stay” provides valuable insights for expectant mothers as they prepare for their hospital stay. The article outlines the hospital staff’s role in ensuring safety and support, potential unfamiliar sounds, comfort levels, provided essentials, food options, birthing rooms, and the importance of being open to the unexpected. As a comprehensive and reassuring guide, this article will help parents-to-be approach their hospital stay with confidence, knowing they’ll be in good hands and have the opportunity to cherish the memories of welcoming their newest family member.

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