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What Is A Minky Blanket?

A minky blanket is a blanket made from a material known as ‘minky’. They are super-soft, lightweight, and can make the perfect gift for babies and adults alike! A minky blanket can be used as a throw, for an extra layer of warmth in the evenings, and even as a soft surface for babies to play on.

If you had a favorite blanket as a child, it was probably something that you wrapped up in after school, kept on your bed every night, and snuggled into for movie nights. As adults, a cozy blanket can bring back those childhood feelings of security and comfort. These cozy blankets can simultaneously be used as home decor and to make spaces within the house look even more welcoming.

A minky blanket can be the perfect gift for your partner, parent, or your best friend’s newborn baby. Everyone will appreciate a luxurious blanket in their life! One of the best things about minky blankets is that they offer all the warmth of woolen blankets with none of the bulk. These blankets can be easily stored away - though we’re sure they’ll find a permanent home on the back of your couch so that you’re ready for comfort at a moment’s notice!

What is minky?

Minky is a type of fabric, specifically, it is a super soft and warm variety of fleece made from 100% polyester. The texture is comparable to short fur, and though synthetic, offers as much luxury as natural materials.

Minky is a hypoallergenic material - making it perfect for baby blankets - and it is very easy to care for. Minky blankets are machine washable and can be line-dried or dried on a low heat in a tumble dryer.

The best way to machine wash a minky blanket is to use a low heat and a basic laundry detergent - you don’t need to use fabric softener, the material is already soft enough! As long as you care for your minky blanket, the color won’t fade, and you’ll still find it as soft and luxurious in years to come as it was when you first got it.

What is so special about minky blankets?

A minky blanket is made with such care and with such high-quality material that they can last you a lifetime. Each of our blankets is handmade with love and come in a variety of different patterns and designs to suit individual taste and ensure that your minky finds a permanent place in your home and your heart.

Minky blankets are super soft, which is why they are so perfect for the delicate skin of babies. But it’s not just babies who need softness and comfort - which is why we hand make minky blankets in sizes for adults too!

Have a look at our range of fabrics to find the missing piece for your couch, an extra layer for your bed, or the perfect gift for the newest baby (and mom!) in your life.



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