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The Blanket Giving Parents Peace of Mind knowing Their Little One is Getting a Peaceful Sleep

Knowing Their Little One is Getting a Peaceful Sleep

 While we’re most commonly known as the company who makes your favorite blanket; today we’re going to make a blanket statement instead and that is …well…sleep is important.

 We trust that most parents can agree with that, right?

 In fact, getting a proper night’s rest is so crucial that your little one not getting the recommended number of hours may seriously impact healthy development of their cognitive skills, motor functions and even their physical development. That’s why the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that on average newborns should get anywhere from 14-15 hours of rest while toddlers should be reaching for roughly 12-13 hours at the minimum. (We’re still waiting on the statement release of recommended hours of sleep for us parents; so, until then, 45 minutes should do the trick…)

 And while we may recognize the importance of hitting the lights at a decent hour, there’s no denying that parenthood also includes nights when your baby is far from shy about letting you know he or she thinks it’s a bad time for bedtime. That’s why, in an effort to promote a more consistent sleep schedule, a nightly routine is highly effective in not only encouraging the rest they need today, but also helps to instill proper sleep behaviors for tomorrow, benefitting them as they transition into their later years.  

 As each child is different, it’s expected that their nightly routines will differ as well. However, despite multiple ways to go about preparing your child for bedtime, there are some noticeable consistencies among effective routines that could help your little one get the proper night’s rest they need.

 Safe and Sound (Asleep)

 Creating a calm environment is one of the most effective ways in making bedtime a success as it promotes a sense of security. From bedsheets to bedtime stories, curating a safe space especially during their nighttime routine can significantly help to reduce or combat common sleep issues that many little ones face especially throughout their earlier years.

 In particular, separation anxiety is one of the leading factors contributing to a child experiencing difficulty when falling asleep.  As a solution, many parents find it helpful to spend extra time either reading bedtime stories or cuddling before bed. Even better, a security object like a stuffed animal or Minky Blanket has been proven to do wonders in helping relieve anxiety that would otherwise surface once you leave the room.  

 That’s why when it comes to your little one getting a peaceful night’s rest, Minky Blanket has you covered…quite literally. Not only do they come in fun prints and styles, but they’re made with super soft fleece produced from 100% polyester fiber. The best part is that Minky Blankets are perfect for any age. Available in sizes ranging from baby, youth, toddler and even adult, you can feel comfortable, cozy and calm no matter how old you are.

 Parenthood is a journey unlike any other which is why we wanted to create a blanket that was just as unique. Whether used for snuggling up on the couch with your little ones, or as a gift for your first born heading off to college, Minky Blanket will keep you and your loved ones feeling cozy and comfortable. As parents, we may not always have all of the answers, but at least with Minky, mothers and fathers can wrap their little one in a blanket that they’ll never have to questionrest assured.

Author: Jennifer Rothman

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