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The Best Minky Blankets

Why Mom’s Prefer Minky!

 You’ve heard the whispers on the playground, you’ve seen it shared on social media, and you have browsed our website. If you don’t have one of our Minky Blankets yet, after reading this post, we know you’ll be dying to order one. So sit tight, pour yourself a coffee (or tea), and prepare to become captivated. We promise, they live up to the hype.

 The Mission Behind Baby Want Design

 One of the most important aspects of our blankets is the mission behind them. Our blankets aren’t just blankets. Yes, they are straight up fantastic. We will get to that in a minute, but they are also promoting a message like none other. Every time there is a purchase made on a Minky Blanket, we donate a fraction of the funds to a child in need. That’s right, every time you wrap your bundle-of-joy up in one of our snuggly blankets, you can also smile knowing you helped someone else’s little one too.  

 Endless Designs & Sizes for All

 We take immense pride in the design of our blankets; we have created styles and colours for every occasion. From unicorns to the stars in the night sky, we’ve got them all. Can’t find something available that speaks to you? Or are you looking for a personalized present for a loved one? Don’t worry, we also offer a customized option. You simply pick a print for the front and a solid colour for the back, and your set! This option is available at no extra charge.

No more eyeing your daughter or son’s blanket from afar, hoping you could snag it for some extra comfort during a quick read on the couch. You can order one for yourself!  Have you ever noticed how blankets sold for kids are designed softer? The skin on a baby is soft and sensitive, which means their blankets have to be too. You may have a ton of different types stored away in your closet, but none of them can compare to the one you wrap your baby in. For this reason, we offer sizes for all ages. From infant to toddler, and youth to adult. We make shopping for the entire family easy. 

 The Comfiest & Fluffiest Fabric Ever

 Blankets offer a sense of safety and security. We wrap ourselves up to feel their comfort, keeping us tucked away from the world. We rely on them to keep our babies warm and protected. This is why we use the softest material possible. We make our blankets from a hypoallergenic, super plush fleece like fabric, known as “Minky”. It is a high-quality material that is durable, and can last you a lifetime, without losing its softness. Designed to be low-maintenance, they are also super easy to care for. Our Minky Blankets are luxurious and handmade, ensuring each one is crafted with care.

Real Reviews!

 While browsing our website, you can find raving reviews from families across the country. Real people writing authentic reviews. We love to see and hear our customers’ feedback, it honestly makes it worth it to do what we do. So take a scroll and read what others have to say about our creations, you won’t be disappointed. PS, you’ll find some incredibly heartwarming pictures of little angels from all over completely snuggled in our Minky’s, #SWOON.

Designed by our family for yours!

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