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The best bedtime routine for Newborns and Babies

Let’s all agree, we are all creatures of habit! When it’s time for us to sleep at night, we don’t just hop into bed in the clothes we wore all day long and turn out the light. We all have bedtime routines that we follow like washing our face, brushing our teeth, changing into comfy pajamas, hugging our favorite pillow. Some of us like our feet securely tucked in, and some like to take one leg out of the blanket. Others want pin drop silence and a pitch-black room.

 Like you, your baby can also take advantage of a predictable and consistent bedtime routine. Babies learn through routines and actions before they begin to get a grasp of words.

 Having the same bedtime routine helps babies learn through action the difference between a busy day and a tranquil night. Establishing a bedtime routine for your baby can help improve your baby’s sleep and have a relaxing night.

Help your little nugget sleep peacefully by creating a bedtime routine with these expert-approved tips.


Differentiating between day and night

Teaching your baby the difference between daytime and nighttime from the start is a good idea.

During the day

  • Open the door
  • Open the curtain
  • Let some sunlight in
  • Play games
  • Don’t worry about everyday noises when you put them down for a nap


At night

  • Keep the lights dim
  • Talk in hushed tones
  • Don’t play games with your baby
  • Put your baby down right after a diaper change and a feeding session


Baby bedtime routine- how to start

By the time your baby is 3 months old, you can introduce a bedtime routine.  Getting them into a consistent yet simple routine will be helpful for everyone and help prevent sleeping problems later on. Introduce a time for the routine and try to stick to it. Once your baby established a bedtime routine, it will be easier for them to sleep quicker and for longer periods.

A bedtime routine can consist of the following

  • A massage
  • Bath time
  • Brushing their teeth or gums for babies who don’t have teeth
  • Changing
  • Dimming the light of the room
  • Reading a story
  • Playing white noise or singing a lullaby
  • Giving them a goodnight kiss
  • Putting them to bed or in their crib with something they love to sleep with (like a Minky blanket or a stuffed toy)
  • As your baby falls asleep, try getting out of their sight or leave the room. This can be a tough thing to do, but a bamboo swaddle may be able to help. They are super soft and breathable; giving them the comfort they need, even when you are not there.


Going to bed should be pleasurable event for your baby, with plenty of snuggles, time and attention your baby will get used to the whole process. Try not to worry if your baby doesn’t get used to a bedtime routine at first. Babies can pick up on our moods. If they sense stress or worry, it can take them a while to settle down.

This is not meant to be medical advice. Please seek your Dr's answers for all things health.

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