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How to Keep Your Baby Cool in Warmer Temperatures

How to Keep Your Baby Cool in Warmer Temperatures

As gorgeous spring flowers begin to pop up all around us and plans for pool days and beach outings increase at a rapid pace, there’s no denying that summer is around the corner. While summer offers us longer days and warmer nights, the rising temperatures are not always great for babies. 

Babies tend to overheat somewhat easily, and too much direct sun can aggravate eczema, impede sleep, and lead to health issues down the line.  That said, there’s no need to hide indoors all summer! With a bit of preparation and the right gear, summer can be a wonderful time to safely explore the outdoors with your new little one. 

Here are 5 tips for keeping you baby comfortable in the warm summer heat:

  • Choose Bamboo
  • When it comes to daytime clothing, pajamas, and accessories for summer babies, Bamboo is the golden standard in temperature regulation. The ultrasoft material’s unique fibers wick away moisture at top speed while the breathable texture of the fabric allows for ample airflow. For babies that need to be swaddled, choose a Bamboo Swaddle to keep your baby secure without the threat of overheating. 

  • Offer Frozen Treats
  • Even before they are old enough for solids babies can benefit from a cool frozen treat. The easiest way to offer this is to fill a mesh pacifier (available online or at most baby retailers) with either ice or frozen breastmilk or formula. Once your baby is introduced to solids, try filling the pacifier with frozen fruit. It’s a safe, convenient way to offer a cooling treat that’s healthy and hydrating. It’s also great for teething as the icy treat soothes sore gums.

  • Bring A Portable Fan
  • If you don’t already have a portable fan, this is the summer to try one! A small, light fan attaches to car seats, strollers or cribs and provides just the right amount of airflow to keep your baby (or you!) feeling cool and comfortable. Remember to check the batteries or charge the fan before you head out for the day.

  • Prioritize Shade
  • One of the best ways to keep your baby cool when outdoors is to keep him or her in the shade. This may seem obvious, but if you didn’t prioritize shade before you had a baby, you may not realize that it takes some pre-planning. Whether it’s purchasing a pop-up tent for the beach or keeping an extra-large umbrella in your stroller, be prepared with your own shade for the moments when there is none.

  • Allow Water Play
  • Water + babies = magic! Babies love splashing in water, throwing toys in and out of water, and dumping water out of buckets. Water also keeps babies nice and cool, making it the perfect solution for play time in the summer. If you don’t have access to a pool, try filling up your baby bath outside and letting your little one play with water in that. You can also add some ice for a fun, cooling sensory activity.

    Summer days are an important part of childhood, and that love for the outdoors and warmer weather can begin to grow in babies as young as newborns. By choosing Bamboo clothing and accessories, offering frozen treats and water play, and prioritizing shade and airflow, you and your family can safely enjoy all that the summer months have to offer!

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    • We have a no-name portable fan for the stroller and it’s genius! It’s a pink one we randomly found at Target and it’s just enough for a hot day. The blades are somewhat soft but exposed which makes it so much easier to clean.


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