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Everything You Need to Know About Our New Swaddle Blankets

At Baby Want Designs, we are all about soft, top-quality items that parents can use to keep their babies warm, comfortable, and secure. That’s why we’re incredibly excited about our newest item – the softest-ever Soothing Sleep Bamboo Baby Swaddle Wrap!

Swaddling is extremely important in those newborn days, because babies are used to being snug and warm in the womb. Recreating that sensation with a swaddle really helps with the transition into the big, scary world. And let’s be honest – a baby wrapped up like a burrito is objectively super cute!

When it comes to choosing a swaddle blanket, you want to look for high-quality fabric that’s soft, durable, and temperature controlled. We believe that our Soothing Sleep Bamboo Baby Swaddle Wraps are the perfect choice! Here’s why:

#1. The Absolute Softest

If you’re not familiar with bamboo, we’re honored to be the ones to introduce you to this ultra-soft, luxurious fabric! It feels great from the first time you use it, and it stays soft wash after wash. In addition to boasting a much silkier feel than cotton, bamboo is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for baby’s sensitive skin.

#2. Temperature is Just Right

While parents often focus on making sure that their babies are warm enough, it can actually be dangerous for babies to overheat. Overheating is especially common when babies are wrapped up tight, so bamboo’s natural ventilating and temperature-regulating properties make it the obvious choice for the best swaddle blankets.

#3. Versatility is Key

As much as we never want those newborn snuggles to end, the swaddling phase doesn’t last forever. Once your baby can roll over on his or her own, it’s time to transition from swaddling to a sleep sack for safe sleep. That doesn’t mean that you need to be done with your swaddle blanket, though! The durable bamboo fabric works great as a baby blanket, a stroller or car seat cover, or even a burp cloth.

#4. Good for Baby, Good for the World

Bamboo is a self-renewing crop grown without pesticides. It requires much less water to grow and harvest than cotton, significantly lowering its environmental impact. It’s a top-quality fabric that your family can feel good about using.

Our swaddle blankets come in gorgeous colors like Sea Foam, Dusty Rose, Stone, and many others.

They make a perfect gift for new moms or for any parents looking for an ultrahigh-quality swaddle for their little ones.

We can’t wait for you to try them!

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  • I will be honest, I have never considered bamboo to be an ideal fabric but after shopping around and receiving some bamboo blankets and infant socks, I am sold! Bamboo is so lightweight, soft, and from what other moms have told me, holds up amazingly wash after wash. I am expecting my twins in about 2 months so I want to stock up on bamboo saddle blankets for sure!

    Casey Anne

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