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Benefits of skin-to-skin with your newborn

Benefits of skin-to-skin with your newborn

Congratulations on your newest addition to your family. You are amid a whirlwind of emotions as you embark on this life-changing journey. Let these emotions flow through you, it is normal to feel all the feelings you are experiencing. Pure joy radiates through you as you stare at your baby, admiring their adorable scrunchy face as they sleep peacefully. Shortly after your emotions take a turn, suddenly you are crying with your newest love when you cannot figure out how to calm them.

This is all part of your parenting adventure. Take a deep breath, try to go with the flow of things. I know, easier said than done, right? Remember, the laundry can wait, the dishes will still be in the sink for later. For now, your most important job is to bond with your newborn baby. A special time that not only is helpful for bonding but also a relaxing time for yourself and your baby as well.


An important part of bonding with your little newborn is doing skin to skin. That is laying your baby wearing only a diaper, or nothing at all, on your bare chest. Bonding is a huge motivation for skin to skin, but there are plenty of other benefits.


Skin to skin will allow your baby to hear your heartbeat, a soothing sound they have heard every day until they were born. Giving your baby the safety of your arms and the sound of your heartbeat provides a calming comfort for your little love. A wonderful way to keep both of you comfortable while sharing these special moments is using an incredibly soft bamboo swaddle. Wrap your baby and yourself if the soft, warming comfort. Take deep breaths soaking in your baby. Sing your favorite nursery rhymes that your grandma used to sing to you. Actually, skin to skin with your baby can reduce their overall crying.

Improves body functions

Skin to skin provides more benefits beyond the joys of snuggling and bonding. Did you know that it can help with their body temperature? That’s right! Start skin to skin in the hospital and continue at home. It helps your baby regulate blood sugar levels, breathing rate, and heart rate. A mother’s love is truly magical; take advantage of the benefits.

Increases production of Oxytocin

While feeling your newborn on you, skin to skin, your body releases the ‘feel-good love hormone’, Oxytocin. What does Oxytocin do for us? Relieves stress levels, improves overall mood, and improves mental and emotional health. This will help immensely when caring for your newborn. Our bodies are amazing!

Assists in lung function

Shortly after birth, there are lung benefits of skin to skin. Your baby will feel your skin, promoting their breathing. Studies show babies with skin to skin adjust faster to their new world surroundings. What better way to start your life earthside, than with your mother’s love surrounding you? When packing your hospital bag, make sure to pack a soft minky blanket. Keep yourself and your baby warm and comfortable.

Good luck Momma, you got this. Enjoy your beautiful parenthood journey. Love the little moments and always take the time to bond with your beautiful baby.

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