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7 Great Gift Ideas That New Moms Will Love

7 Great Gift Ideas That New Moms Will Love

Whether it’s your bestie, sister, cousin, or coworker, when someone announces a new baby is on the way, it’s time to find the perfect gift. But everyone chooses those same things like those famous baby books or diapers. Why not stand out with a gift that no one else has thought of, one that makes her really excited about being a new mom?

 If you’re strapped for ideas, here are 7 great gift ideas that new moms will love!

1. Set up a food delivery

Once she goes into labor, the last thing on her mind is cooking. But all new moms need to eat. Setting up delivery of hot, delicious meals takes some of the stress away of trying to juggle life with a new baby. You can arrange for meals from her favorite restaurant or get grocery delivery ready so she has one less thing to do.

 2. Give the gift of cleaning

Another thing that falls by the wayside once new moms come home with baby is the cleaning. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and other chores pile up and can feel overwhelming. Plus, if she’s had a c-section, she won’t be allowed to lift or bend for a while. Hire a cleaning service or even volunteer your own efforts to helping her as your gift.

 3. Make nursing easier

Breastfeeding moms can always use something functional yet fashionable to feed baby while they’re out. A beautiful nursing top will make her feel gorgeous and make it easy to be discreet when she’s out and about.

 4. Keep the memories coming

Every new mom has tons of photos of her baby. It might be impossible to print every one, or at least display them, but there’s a better way. A digital photo frame allows her to load her photos and press play for a continuous slideshow of baby.

 5. Soothing spa treatments

Sending her to a spa for the day to get pampered is one of the sweetest things you can do. Of course, it’s not in everyone’s budget, and not every new mom has the time. Moms always put baby first but if you give her a foot spa, she’ll be able to use it while she nurses her baby and get her much-needed self-care time in.

 6. Basket of beauty goodies

Create a basket of beauty products that she’ll love. She’ll be excited to get back to preening and feeling like her pre-baby self again!

7. Give her something comforting

And finally, while everyone is giving her a million receiving blankets for the baby with the same patterns, give her and baby coordinating handmade soft Minky blankets. The material is cozy, comfortable, and they come in sizes for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults for the perfect match.

Baby Want Designs can help with those soft Minky blankets and are each handmade by a military familyowned and operated company with love to stand out from the big brands. Support small businesses and your country while finding something truly unique to give to new moms!


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