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6 Items You Need to Keep in Your Stroller at All Times

There are two types of people; people who never put anything in that stroller compartment under the child’s seat, and people who fill it up to the brim for each and every outing. Whichever group you identify with, you know that having the right items on hand when taking your baby or toddler out into the world can make the difference between a dream outing and a total nightmare.

For the best chances at handling whatever unexpected issues may arise, here are 6 must-have items that every stroller should be packed with for every outing:

#1. Diapers

This may seem obvious, but so often parents mistakenly think “oh, he just pooped. He won’t need to go again in the next hour or so that we’re on our walk.” This is a mistake you only make once.

#2. Baby Wipes 

Is there anything baby wipes can’t do? By keeping a pack of wipes in the diaper bag, you’re prepared to wipe up spills, clean hands for an impromptu snack, or even wipe off a teething toy that fell on the floor. 

#3. Toys

There’s nothing worse than being 15 minutes into your walk when your baby or toddlers starts getting fussy. Having a few favorite toys in the stroller helps to keep them distracted for a little while so that you can enjoy people watching in the neighborhood or catching up with friends. 

#4. Sunscreen

This is important for both you and your child. Of course, you always want to keep a young baby or toddler protected from the sun as much as possible, and most parents are great about putting sunscreen on their children. What you may not realize, however, is that the tops of your hands are directly in the sun when pushing a stroller, and are quick to burn. Make sure the whole family is protected by keeping a tube of child-safe sunscreen in the stroller. 

#5. Petty Cash

Have you ever taken your baby or toddler for a quick walk, felt like stopping for a coffee or picking up that ingredient you need for dinner, and realized you didn’t bring your wallet? Keeping a $10 or $20 bill in the stroller will be a life-saver for those unexpected purchases. 

#6. A Blanket

You never know when the weather can turn or, if you have a smaller baby, when he or she may feel like taking a mid-walk snooze. Keep a high-quality blanket like an ultrasoft Minky Blanket in the stroller for some extra warmth and comfort on-the-go. 

The trick here is to keep these things in the stroller at all times and immediately replace any that have been used. If you have to remember to pack and repack the sunscreen for each outing, for example, it’s just not going to happen and you will be caught without it when you need it. 

The truth is, no matter how prepared we try to be for outings with our kids, the unforeseeable is inevitable. By keeping the stroller packed at all times with these 6 essential items, you can feel at ease knowing that you are prepared for at least some of the unexpected situations that may arise. 


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