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6 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Buying a gift for an expecting mom can be a little daunting, you want to get them something that they will find useful whilst keeping it a surprise!

Here are 6 baby shower gift ideas that are sure to be loved and cherished by both mom and baby - and things that you can be sure won’t end up in the unused pile.

A Minky Blanket

You had to know this was coming! Lets just get it out of the way now ☺️ A Minky blanket is so much more than a blanket and is something that will stay in the new baby’s life for years to come. Who knows, it might even become their go-to comforter!

Minky blankets are made from an incredibly soft fleece-like material, making them perfect for delicate newborn skin. They also last well in the washing machine - somewhere that it will probably spend a lot of time.

Just have a look at these baby blankets - plenty of neutral designs to go with any nursery and be loved by all moms!

Reusable Diapers

With many moms looking to become a little more eco-friendly for their babies and the planet, 1 or 2 reusable diapers are a thoughtful gift that can go a long way.

They come in lots of designs with various patterns - opt for something that grows with the baby so that it's useful for even longer.


Because honestly, no baby can ever have enough of these. As a newborn, babies will spend day and night in their sleepsuit - don’t we all wish we could do that!

You could also consider buying sleepsuits to fit a slightly older baby, this way mom will have a gift to look forward to using as her baby starts to get bigger and quickly outgrows their clothes.

Diaper Cream

It might sound boring, but it’s an essential item for the changing table! To make it more personal, how about creating your own natural diaper cream? There are plenty of recipes on the internet for easy-to-make creams that are kind to babies’ bottoms. You could even add a sticker with their name on it.

Something for her😍

Because really, it should be much more about the mom. You could get mom and newborn matching Minky blankets to snuggle up in together during those first weeks - and beyond! Or maybe offering her a pregnancy massage will help to relieve those aches and pains that she’s been suffering with throughout her pregnancy.

Whatever you choose, she’s sure to love it.

A Basket

If you simply can’t choose a gift, the easy solution is to make a basket. Depending on your budget, you could combine some or all of the above gift ideas to make a special gift basket for your expectant friend.

Buying a baby shower gift doesn’t have to be stressful, it should be fun! You could also team together with other friends to offer a larger gift at the baby shower - or as we said before, a combination of the gifts that we’ve mentioned above.

Happy shopping!

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  • These are some great gift ideas that would be perfect for all babies and moms as well. Thanks for sharing, I will be ordering some for my friends immediately. You’ve saved me from hours of searching for the perfect gift haha

    Marija Vodan.

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