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5 Ways to Bond with Your Baby

Nothing is more exciting for a new parent than when their baby finally arrives in the world. You waited a long time for this moment to finally be able to hold your baby and gaze at them. There is so much joy and happiness that comes with the love you feel for your baby. Now that they are finally here in the world, it is time to build your bond with them as a parent. Here are five ways to bond with your baby.


#1. Spend as Much Time as You Can With Your Baby

The early days after your baby is born is the most important time of their life to spend time with them and lots of it. You want to spend as much time as you can with your baby during this time to allow for skin-to-skin contact. This is important because it helps you to release endorphins which results in projecting a sense of calmness and reassurance to your baby. Your baby will begin to recognize your scent, touch, and feel.

#2. Talk and Sing

It is beneficial to let your baby hear your voice as much as possible after they are born. This can be as simple as quietly talking to them or softly singing a lullaby. Newborn babies are smart in recognizing their mother’s voice from the moment they are born. Not only will your voice become comforting to your baby, but it offers a way to bond with them.

#3. Make Eye Contact

A newborn baby’s eyesight is still developing at this time but they can still see about 12 inches in front of them. Make eye contact when holding your baby and hold their gaze. Your baby will quickly begin to recognize your facial features and the familiarity will be soothing for them. Not only that, but it is also a comforting method for them to take notice of who is holding them. Make sure you snuggle your baby with a soft minky blanket to add to the moment!

#4. Be the Main Person Who Feeds Your Baby

Feeding a baby is not just simply providing them with nutrition. It is also a way for them to bond with you. This is why it is important to make sure you and your partner are the main people that are feeding your baby. Both breastfeeding and bottle feeding will help build a strong bond between you and your baby.

#5. Be Responsive to Your Baby’s Needs

It is not possible to spoil a baby too much. They need this type of attention in order to form a bond with you. Your baby will learn to trust you the more you bond with them. One of the important ways to form a bond is by making sure you are responding to your baby’s needs. If you do this and allow your baby to form a secure attachment to you, they are more likely to grow up with more independence.


Bonding with your baby is so important during their early stages of life. From the moment they are born, you want to be able to establish that connection with them as their parent. Newborns are quick to learn who their parents are. By bonding with your baby, you are allowing them to become more familiar with you resulting in them feeling comfortable and safe.


  • I always sing and talk to my baby, and to every other baby I meet. My husband says that I will drive the baby crazy hahaha But I do love the way he looks at me when I talk and sing and it is time well spent together that I will cherish forever.

    Maria Vodanova
  • Lana@TinyTwig
    The way you bond with your baby has a lot of impact on the baby when the baby grows up. This was a lovely read.

    Lana Murpy

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