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5 Precious Things You’ll Never Forget About Your Baby’s First Month

5 Precious Things You’ll Never Forget About Your Baby’s First Month

You’ll find few things as challenging or as rewarding as raising your teeny tiny human for their first 30 days on Earth. Some of it will flash by in a blur and other moments will stretch out for what feels like an eternity. It’s a never-ending cycle of feeling clueless and blessed at the same time. When it’s over, you’ll have a month’s worth of precious memories you’ll want to stow away forever. Here are five moments you’ll want to look back on again and again throughout their lifetime, the five sweetest memories of your baby’s first month. Other than wrapping them in the softest blanket ever, Baby Want Designs Minky blankets😏😊 I couldn’t help myself.

#1. Holding Your Baby For The First Time

Depending on your personal birth story you might hold your baby for the first time when they are still all wet and squishy, or you might not get to hold them until they are all cleaned up and your anesthesia has worn off. No matter what, the first time you hold your baby nothing else in the whole world matters. Their newborn skin is soft and warm, they turn their heads to the sound of your voice, and you can finally see all their perfect little features.

#2. Seeing Family And Friends Meet Baby At Last

Almost as exciting as that first meeting, is getting to watch as all the people you love most meet and hold your baby for the first time. Your partner, your other children, family members, and friends will all be dying to see the new arrival. Up until this point, most of the attention has been on you as the pregnant person, now a lot of it shifts to this brand new member of the tribe. But that’s OK because by now you’ll really need a break from people asking you pregnancy-related questions.

#3. 3 AM Feedings - I’m Not Kidding

If you haven’t experienced it yet, waking up at 3 AM for any reason might not sound like much of a joy, but let me explain. The middle of the night feedings, when the house is stone silent and it’s just you and your baby, are some of the most magical and memorable moments of the first month. This is the time when you have nothing else to do or worry about, just taking time to watch their tiny hands and little red lips.

#4. Just How Tiny Everything Is

Not only is your baby small but you finally appreciate just how tiny the diapers and clothes are as well. I mean, have you seen an infant sock? Such cuteness shouldn’t be allowed to exist. It’s no wonder people about go broke outfitting their little bundles of joy.

#5. The First Smile - Even If It’s Just A Reflex

They say that the first true social smile comes between 6 to 8 weeks, and that’s during the second month. I mention it because your baby will actually start to smile right away. They call it a “reflex smile” and it happens when they have gas, or when they are super comfortable and falling asleep. Honestly, it will warm your heart just the same no matter the reason. So take photos, write in your journal, and capture every smile along the way.


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