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3 Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes for Team Green Parents

3 Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes for Team Green Parents

There are many reasons why you may want to set up a gender-neutral nursery. Maybe it’s your first baby and you want to buy things that you can use again for future babies, maybe you have 2 children sharing the room, or maybe you’re “Team Green” – not finding out the baby’s gender until birth.

Whatever your reason, there are plenty of ways to make a gender-neutral room cute and cozy. Here are 3 warm, welcoming, baby-friendly themes for a gender-neutral nurseries:

  1. Buzz Buzz Bumblebee

There’s something so sweet about little bumblebees. Maybe it’s the honey they’re often pictured with or the gender-neutral yellow color that is just perfect for babies. You can lean more towards a golden hue or a light-yellow color to accent your bee-autiful accessories.


To accentuate the theme, consider a Bumblebee Minky blanket or a rich, mustard-colored Bamboo swaddle.


  1. Adventure Awaits

Little boys and little girls love adventures, and parents will be excited to set up a nursery to encourage that sense of wonder. There are many ways to decorate with this theme, including colorful maps of far-off destinations, travel-inspired décor, and visuals of magical places that your baby may one day like to visit.


Consider adding a camping-inspired Minky Blanket for a comforting touch! 


  1. Pretty Pastels

If you don’t love the idea of theme-specific décor, you can always choose a series of gender-neutral colors for your nursery. Focus on white or cream-colored statement pieces with light pastel accents in green, yellow, orange, and blue to create a calming, put-together environment that any baby and his or her new parents will enjoy.


You can never have too many premium Bamboo swaddles! A stunning sea foam-green or a pretty pewter swaddle will go a long way in adding some color to your room.

However you choose to decorate your nursery, remember that the most important thing is that you and your baby will be happy, healthy and comfortable in the space. Choosing a design theme or color scheme that brings a smile to your face will go a long way in making those long nights and early mornings a little easier.


  • The kritter kamp blanket is so stinkin’ cute, it would go great in our nursery. I browsed Pinterest for months before finally deciding on a minimal, scandinavian look, with grey and white furniture, a dotted wallpaper and green accents. I’m not big on bright, flashy colors so choosing a color palette was easy, finding the perfect nursing chair proved to be the most challenging task of all.

    From what I can tell you don’t have the Kritter kamp print for the adult size blanket. Will you restock or this print isn’t available in other sizes?

  • Give me all the pastels, please! We decided we don’t want to know the gender of the baby so I’m sticking to the same vibe we already have in all the other rooms. Airy with boho and pastel accents. It’s cozy, timeless and eye-candy for this lil’ momma.

    Abigail Smith

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